How Many Days Until New Year 2024?

How Many Days Until New Year 2024?

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Monday, 1 January 2024

How Many Days Until New Year 2024?

How long until New Year 2024?

It is 170 days until New Year 2024.

When is New Year?

New Year 2024 falls on January 1st.

Countdown to New Year 2024

The countdown to New Year 2024 is on: 170 days, 3 hours, 17 minutes, and 15 seconds from now.

New Year's

New Year's is an international celebration in which the arrival of the new cycle of 12 months, known as the year, is celebrated. New Year's is perhaps the party with the most participants, as in some way most human beings have reasons to do so, either to celebrate another year coming or for a year that is leaving and not returning. What is certain, is that New Year's is a very emotive global celebration. January 1st is the date in which New Year's begins and it is customary to celebrate from the day before, that is, December 31st.

New Year's, as is Christmas and the commemoration of the birth of Jesus, is a celebration that varies according to the culture of the region where it is celebrated, however, it is customary to share this day with family, enjoying good music, native Christmas dishes and fireworks. In Latin America the customs are deeply rooted from the Spanish colony that was here and mixed with the Indians. Eating 12 grapes while the 12 chimes can be heard from an old radio while listening to a poem called "The Grapes of Time" written and narrated by Andres Eloy Blanco at the same time that one hears the pyrotechnics in the street, is one of the most traditional ones in countries such as Venezuela and Colombia.

In the rest of the world, New Year's Day is celebrated with champagne or the burning of dolls or symbols that represent the bad and the good of the outgoing year. In all countries there are beautiful traditions to say goodbye to the outgoing year and to welcome a new one. In the world there are countries that do not celebrate the New Year's Day on the 1st of January, this is because they do not follow the Gregorian calendar (Universal Calendar) but rather they are based on lunar calendars and according to their positioning is when the end of the year is determined, such as the case of China, that has its own beautiful tradition celebrating New Year's on three different dates each year.

How do they celebrate the New Year in other countries around the world?

How do people celebrate New Year's in other countries around the world? Eating grapes, wearing white, kissing, and enjoying fireworks are how people celebrate the arrival of New Year in other countries around the world.


The most popular celebration is Sydney's fireworks show, with over a million people gathering around the Opera House and Harbor Bridge to enjoy the light displays. Apart from this, fireworks are also set off from six other places in the bay.

United States

One well-known tradition in the US, especially in New York, is the dropping of the Times Square ball, which is released at midnight to commemorate the start of the new year. Another tradition is couples kissing when the clocks strike midnight, a romantic way to welcome the new year.

Rio de Janerio

Rio de Janerio is well known for its big parties, and one of the most popular is the New Year's celebration, where hundreds of locals and tourists gather at Copacabana Beach to watch the fireworks displays. Along the beach, several stages are set-up to entertain the crowds and welcome in the 2022 new year. Most people dress in white, believing it brings luck for the new year.


Unlike other countries, China does not celebrate New Year's on January 1st. The New Year celebrations in the Asian country instead starts on the first day of the first lunar month on the Chinese calendar, which would be January 23rd 2023, and lasts for 15 days.


People gather at the Puerta del Sol to listen to the bell chimes that mark the start of the New Year. The celebration at the place includes music, coloured confetti and even people dressed in wigs of different colours. Similarly to Mexico, with each chime they eat grape, with the hope of having a lucky new year.


Instead of grapes and bell chimes, Rome opts for a more traditional approach, with gatherings of families and friends. As soon as it turns midnight, they toast for a good and prosperous year. However, they do have a popular custom of eating lentils, a symbol of prosperity within the European country. Meanwhile, at the Vatican, they celebrate the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God, with the Pope presiding, to say goodbye to the year. During the mass, the congregation will sing 'Te Deum', thanking God for the passing year.


On the last night of the year, all Buddhist temples will ring their bells 108 times, one for each sin dwells within humans. In addition to this, on the eve of the New Year, families gather for a dinner of 'osechi-ryori', a traditional Japanese meal. Fireworks can also be seen during celebrations, most notably in Tokyo during the 'Joya no Kane' festival, where a bell is seen and heard all around Japan.

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How Many Days Until New Year 2024?

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